Voices of the Future

Who is Zenia Tata?

Originally from Mumbai, India, Zenia Tata is passionate about her work with economically disadvantaged populations, believes in the innate entrepreneurial qualities of the poor, and is constantly searching for innovative solutions to global problems.

Zenia is at the forefront of global expansion efforts and the management of the worldwide development prize portfolio at XPRIZE. With an impressive 23-year career spanning across 25 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, she has played pivotal roles in leading non-profit organizations and establishing social enterprises that have directly transformed the lives of millions. Zenia’s work has touched upon a broad spectrum of critical issues, including addressing water and food scarcity, economic empowerment, climate change mitigation, land rights advocacy, healthcare improvement, education, and child welfare. Her distinctive contribution lies in imbuing these traditional development solutions with an entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring that all stakeholders derive tangible value from the programs and services she champions.

She is an accomplished speaker who has spoken at many global conferences and taught social entrepreneurship classes at Harvard Business School, Stanford, MIT, University of Colorado, and New York University.

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