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Who is Yogesh Mehta?

Driven by passion and a need to succeed, Yogesh Mehta, CEO of Petrochem Middle East established the brand in 1995 at the age of 35. Today, 25 Years later, Yogesh Mehta, CEO of Petrochem Middle East, has a lot to smile about.

Mehta graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from National College Bandra in Mumbai, India, and his first job was at his father’s chemical manufacturing factory in western India, where he honed his innate leadership skills and gained valuable hands-on business experience.

Mehta then went on to open his own chemical trading business, which enjoyed fair success. In a bold move, he relocated to Dubai in 1990. Within five years, he managed to establish a business by opening a state-of-the-art storage terminal for bulk and drum chemicals. Petrochem Middle East has since grown from strength to strength to become the largest independent petrochemical distributor in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region and 11th in the world.

Mehta became a Harvard Business School Alumnus when he obtained his Executive MBA in 2003; his success story has been widely documented across several publications worldwide including BBC, CNN, and Forbes.

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