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Who is Thomas Lundgren?

Thomas Lundgren, the visionary Swedish entrepreneur behind THE One Total Home Experience LLC, has revolutionized the home fashion industry in the Middle East. Starting his journey with aspirations of becoming a rock star, Lundgren’s path took a dramatic turn when he moved to the Middle East at 24 to work with IKEA. His experiences in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and the subsequent Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, shaped his resolve and entrepreneurial spirit. Despite initial setbacks and a collection of rejection letters, Lundgren’s unwavering commitment to his vision led to the establishment of THE One in Abu Dhabi in 1996, marking the beginning of a new era in home décor retailing in the region.

Today, THE One stands as a testament to Lundgren’s creativity, perseverance, and leadership, boasting a significant presence across several Middle Eastern countries. Recognized for his contributions to business and society, Lundgren has received numerous accolades, including Leader of the Year by Great Place to Work® and Businessperson of the Year by Esquire Middle East. A philanthropist at heart, he supports various causes, particularly in education and environmental conservation. Lundgren’s success story, characterized by a blend of naivety, curiosity, creativity, and hard work, continues to inspire many, proving that with the right mindset and team, any vision can become a reality.

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