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Who is Sujith Koshy Varghese?

Sujith Koshy Varghese is a man of many talents; a banker by profession, #TEDx speaker, personal trainer and emerging rapper – just to name a few.

Sujith had a bike accident when he was just 20 years old, paralyzing him from the chest down. Incredibly, he underwent 18 surgeries – but it was his resilience and self-belief that spurred Sujith to reach unimaginable heights.

One of Sujith’s most incredible feats of athleticism to date, was pulling a car weighing over 1000kgs to etch him into the record books.

Through fitness is how he found his way, empowering himself and others to break boundaries. Today he is an official fitness influencer/ambassador for the annual Dubai Fitness Challenge and the first Person of Determination (POD) in a wheelchair in the UAE to receive the title as a fully accredited Personal Trainer.

He seeks to transform others lives as he has his own and leads by example.

It’s his unwavering positivity to life that has lead him to guest speak at 3x TEDx events sharing his journey and experiences to thousands.

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