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Who is Sonja Piontek ?

The German BUNTE magazine describes Sonja Piontek as a “powerhouse of inspiration”. She is a Spiegel bestseller author, an international TOP 100 keynote speaker and one of only 23 Certified Speaking Professionals in Germany.

Sonja is a passionate executive coach and adventurer with an extraordinary life. She was born an identical twin, grew up with two mothers and has had a life on the fast lane. She has lived in six countries, had an impressive executive career, quit her job as Marketing Director for BMW Asia in 2017 and successfully set up her own award winning business.

Despite the incredible success, Sonja has had to overcome considerable challenges and deep losses in her life. Thanks to her Phoenix-like nature, she always managed to spread her wings again, even in the most difficult situations.

Today, she is a leading coach helping others unleash their potential and soar to new heights.

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