Voices of the Future

Who is Shehzad Yunus?

With a legacy spanning a quarter of a century in the dynamic landscape of advertising, Shehzad Yunus have spearheaded powerful global networks, picked up awards by the scores, and meticulously constructed formidable creative departments.

Along the way, he was fortunate enough to be part of of many memorable campaigns for some of the most legendary brands. But life, like the industry he has thrived in, demands constant evolution. A beckoning to redefine and invigorate his existence knocked on his door three years ago when he was fifty. He willingly embraced the challenge, plunging headfirst into the revolutionary world of 3D art.

Like a dedicated craftsman, he tirelessly honed his skills, making art that was an ode to human perseverance and creativity. The fruits of his relentless dedication ripened, leading to a body of work that received unimaginable appreciation. Birthed from the ever-changing digital landscape and cutting-edge technology was his company, HUMANIZ3D LLC – a pioneering Web3 studio that stands at the forefront of the digital age.

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