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Who is Shayan Azhar?

Shayan Azhar is a dynamic Managing Partner of Global Management Consultants, a role that caps a career steeped in strategic and entrepreneurial endeavors, influenced by her parents. Since 2007, Shayan has balanced work and study, cultivating a passion for problem-solving, learning, and navigating chaos. Her professional journey is marked by a deep engagement with psychology, profiling tools such as Everything DiSC and Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team, business and commercial strategy, customer experience, values-based culture, talent management, and stakeholder management. Starting as a Junior Consultant, she quickly became an integral part of the company, evolving into a knowledge hub and driving business verticals, client care, community success, and the design and implementation of commercial and operational strategies.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Shayan is committed to making a meaningful impact on the environment and society. Her collaboration with Rainforest Connection reflects her desire to contribute positively to the planet, fueled by her passion for intersectional environmentalism, animal welfare, and youth empowerment. Shayan’s interests extend to exploring the circular economy, neurodiversity, and dismantling systems of oppression, often pondered during drives around the city or while relaxing with her dog. A proponent of humanizing interactions, she invites connections to discuss ideas, initiatives, or societal improvements, emphasizing that happiness is a crucial part of the journey, not just the outcome. Shayan’s life and work embody a blend of professional excellence and a deep commitment/passion to broader societal and environmental issues.

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