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Who is Saana Azzam?

Saana Azzam, renowned as the “Chief Inspiration Officer” for global enterprises, skillfully combines her award-winning expertise in economics with her exceptional talent as an MC in the public speaking domain. As the CEO and founder of MENA Speakers, the premier speaker’s bureau in the Middle East, she has transformed the industry by linking top-tier speakers with high-profile events, both regionally and internationally.

Holding a Master’s degree in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and honored as “Female Economist of the Year” in 2010, Saana brings a unique strategic perspective to her work. Her economic expertise ensures that MENA Speakers offers speaker selections that are both inspirational and economically savvy. Further enriching her skills as an MC, Azzam’s educational journey included a focus on Leadership Communication at Harvard University, complemented by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training.

Saana’s multifaceted experience as a seasoned Moderator, Author, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker has positioned her as a distinguished figure in the world of public speaking. She has hosted esteemed audiences for reputable brands such as Spotify and The Kellogg Company, amongst others. Her keynote speeches, delivered at numerous conferences and events, cover a wide range of topics including Leadership, Communication, Strategic Planning, Networking, and Keynote Speaking, showcasing her depth of knowledge and versatility.

Additionally, her work extends to engagements with governmental entities, including the Ministry of Economy, Education, and the World Bank, as well as academic institutions like the UAE University, and high-profile events involving the UAE Royal Family. In each setting, Sanaa demonstrates her exceptional skills as an MC, managing events with a unique blend of poise and cultural sensitivity, making her a sought-after professional in diverse and prestigious contexts.

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