Voices of the Future

Who is Russell Cailey?

Born in Manchester and now based in Dubai, Russell Cailey has spent over two decades as an educator and leader in the world. He has made significant contributions as a key figure in the world’s first traveling high school (TGS) and within the Loreto network of global schools. In his role as the Managing Director and visionary behind the THINK Learning Studio (TLS), Russell is fervently committed to challenging the conventional education paradigm, advocating for a more dynamic and innovative approach to learning. His remarkable achievements in education were recognized when he was named one of the top 100 Global Visionaries in Education (GFEL, 2021). Russell’s passion lies in disseminating valuable insights and ideas to educators worldwide, igniting fresh perspectives in the field.

Russell’s expertise revolves around professional development and foresight, with TLS currently focusing on strategic planning and the creation of groundbreaking educational products. These products encompass skill-building through project-based learning experiences, including Discovery, Odyssey, and Deep Dive programs. Beyond educational forums like the ReWired Festival, Dubai Future Forum, DEi Brisbane, and GESS Oman & Turkey, Russell is actively forging partnerships with organizations such as the Great Barrier Reef Authority in Australia, underscoring his commitment to innovative and impactful education practices.

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