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Who is Rohit Dev?

Rohit Dev is a founding partner of Ideas91, a Knowledge Advisory (PEAK) and distribution company that take pride in consistently bridging the gap between manufacturers and retailers (Brand owners) in the consumer goods space. They help develop products for various brands, including some belonging to the fortune 500 companies. They take an active part in shaping products for brands and creating impactful sales strategies for business growth across India, the Middle East, and Africa for our customers. They also help businesses scale up by enhancing there sales channels as well as helping them raise capital.

As the Founding Chairman of the YPO Dubai Downtown Chapter (Young President’s Organization), the Founding Board Member of HBS (Harvard Business School) Club of the Middle East (Currently Secretary of the EXCON) and the past Director of Events for the Dubai Chapter of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneur), he worked relentlessly to create a platform for entrepreneurs and leaders to meet and learn from each others journey.

Currently he is working on the Happiness Playbook. His experience has taught him that a happy company is a successful company and thus his dream is to create one million happy companies.

Prior to Ideas91, he was a Partner in Elekta and was instrumental in building the brand across the Middle East and Africa.

He is an investor and board member in a few companies where he plays an active role in advising and mentoring entrepreneurs. He enjoys a wide genre of reading, a connoisseur of good food and avidly propagate the “Good Life”.

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