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Who is Rajesh Sajnani?

Rajesh Sajnani is the founder and CEO of the RVS Group, since its establishment in 1989 in Dubai, UAE. The RVS Group comprises of three subsidiaries including, Rajesh Trading Co. LLC pioneering high-end designer textiles to the traditional wholesale textile market, Si Fashion Galerie offering haute couture private label at first and extending into The Showroom by Si Fashion for fast fashion brands distribution and most recently diversifying with Cloudhost Technology that has already breaking ground with being recognized as the Best Innovative Cloud service provider in SME segment for the year 2017 and 2018.

Rajesh is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School and a serial entrepreneur who thrives on creativity and innovation embedded in a deep-rooted business fundamentals and expertise in the field of fashion at first and technology more recently. His long run and success as an entrepreneur come from his unbridled passion for what he does, his ability to learn from his mistakes, and his constant pursuit of growth turning every crisis into an opportunity. But at the core of it all, for Rajesh, it is always people first. He leads with trust, empathy and empowerment and believes it is the long-standing relationships based on mutual trust and benefit, both within his organization and with suppliers and customers alike that is the cornerstone of his accomplishments.

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