Voices of the Future

Who is Henrik von Scheel?

Henrik von Scheel, renowned as one of the most influential futurists of our century, is instrumental in igniting the digital and 4th Industrial Revolution themes globally. Despite his severe form of double deficit dyslexia and stuttering, von Scheel has transformed his disabilities into a unique ability to recognize patterns, dedicating two decades to research in Patternicity, Statistical Analysis, and Probabilistic Analysis. His strategic insights have redefined management practices and influenced the GDP growth of over 24 national economies, impacting 23% of the Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, he serves as a professor at Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business and is a pivotal advisor on critical business issues.

Von Scheel played a key role in shaping Europe’s digital future through his contributions to the “Digital Agenda,” adopted by the European Commission in 2010, which now accounts for 5% of Europe’s GDP with a market value of €660 billion annually. He also coined the term “4th Industrial Revolution” in 2011, establishing himself as one of the visionaries behind its conception. As a member of the Advisory Group for the Federal Ministry of Education & Research in Germany, alongside Professors August Wilhelm Scheer and Henning Kagermann, he helped define Germany’s high-tech strategy, leading to the “Industry 4.0” initiative announced in April 2013, which is set to evolve through eight stages driven by 77 megatrends.

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