Voices of the Future

Who is Paul Epping?

Paul Epping is a distinguished lecturer and associated professor known for his expertise in exponential technologies, entrepreneurship, leadership, and design thinking. His academic contributions span multiple universities where he delves into innovation, particularly within healthcare systems, preparing the next generation of leaders to navigate the complexities of modern technological advancements. Epping’s role as an educator is complemented by his active participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, where he serves as a disruptor in various sprints and a mentor for numerous startups, guiding them through the intricacies of innovation and growth.

Beyond his academic and entrepreneurial endeavors, Paul Epping is a sought-after keynote speaker, renowned for his insights into the impact of emerging technologies on society. His work uniquely integrates ethics with technology, offering a comprehensive perspective on how these advancements influence humanity. This holistic approach underscores Epping’s commitment to not only understanding the technical aspects of innovation but also its broader implications on ethical and societal levels, making him a pivotal figure in the discourse on the future of technology and its role in shaping our world.

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