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Who is Paul Epping?

Paul Epping is on a mission to spark critical thinking for success, connecting what truly matters. He is an Executive Coaching,Sharing insights into Syntropy, Self-actualization, and ancient wisdom with top-tier teams. Global Leadership, Wearing hats in various countries and soaking in diverse experiences.Foresight,I’ve got a knack for spotting disruptions before they hit the mainstream.Provocative Inquiry,Love throwing curveball questions about the things we take for granted.Contrarian Perspectives, Always on the lookout for unconventional insights; you’d be surprised how close they are!Transformation Expertise,Navigating big organizations through successful transformations.Trend Focus, Zeroing in on trends, sharing resources, and decoding what consumers want.Keynote Speaker,Yep, that’s me, sharing thoughts on leadership and regenerative cultures.Author and Poet,Dabbling in words—mixing philosophy, psychology, and everyday life, exploring the overlooked corners of our seemingly superficial world. Ever wondered if “knowing more about less” holds true?


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