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Who is Nilesh Ved?

Nilesh Ved, Chairman of the retail conglomerate Apparel Group, is a well-renowned name in the retail fashion industry. As a great visionary embodying a deep passion for the retail business, he has been instrumental in establishing the brand ‘Apparel Group’ and also inculcating the values that the brand represents.

He believes in cultivating a global style aesthetic with a touch of local colour; this strategy has taken the group to different parts of the world. He encourages associates to realize their potential and enjoy their work while effectively rewarding their performance and contribution.

Nilesh is known for his pace of work and high leadership skills with which he drives everyone towards the organizational goals. He considers his employees at Apparel as his most valuable asset and believes in turning their dreams into reality. Nilesh’s mantra to success is his passion, hard work, honesty, and consistency. His passion for work is paramount and it leaves very less to be desired outside of the business realm.

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