Voices of the Future

Who is Natalia Tsarkova?

Natalia Tsarkova is changing the face of social media and storytelling in business and for communities. She is an entrepreneur, an inventor, a filmmaker, and an inspirational role model. She is working on creating “an antidote for the social dilemma” as she saw an opportunity to build a private social platform for organizations.

She is a Harvard & MIT Media Lab alum and brings all her knowledge & network to deliver success. Tribo is also ideal for future leaders to effectively communicate with their wider teams for collective storytelling in companies and drive productivity and motivation.

In this fireside chat, Natalia speaks to Tariq Qureishy about her company Tribo, a potential unicorn, and her journey. Natalia is teaming up with Tariq and his ecosystem, as she expands and rolls out the Middle East and beyond. This unique and differentiated platform is genuinely transforming the social ecosystem in the most human and ethical way possible. This really is the future and very close to our values.

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