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Who is Naser Ahmed ?

Naser Ahmed, a seasoned Indian civil engineer, brings over 40 years of expertise to the UAE’s landscaping industry. His journey includes pivotal roles at Saudi Mais Irrigation System, Dripco Contracting, and Al Bayader Irrigation. Notably, he led the Safa Park refurbishment project.

In 2000, Naser co-founded Proscape LLC, evolving into the Managing Director until 2016. Currently, he serves as the Group CEO of Tanseeq Investment, overseeing numerous successful projects like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Expo 2020 Dubai landscaping.

Under his leadership, Tanseeq Investment has grown into a powerhouse with over 6,000 employees across 23 years, expanding its operations in Oman and Saudi Arabia. Naser’s vision continues to shape the Middle East’s landscape.

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