Voices of the Future

Who is Michael Clark?

Michael Clark is a digital innovator and one of the world’s foremost Data Futurists, with a career spanning over twenty years dedicated to leading high-performance teams in crafting technological solutions for pressing global issues. His expertise is highly valued by top companies aiming to stay ahead in the data-driven landscape, and as a speaker, he imparts his knowledge on the evolving role of data, offering innovative business models to address future challenges. Clark’s journey began as a CRM Consultant at FD Systems, followed by a pivotal role as a Business Systems Analyst for Bridgend Council, where he addressed the needs of 51 departments. His career trajectory includes influential positions such as Vice President Global Open Banking Product Manager for Vocalink and Head of Digital Business Design for Lloyds Banking Group, underscoring his profound impact on the financial sector.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Michael Clark is a trusted advisor to FTSE 100 companies and central banks worldwide, guiding them in leveraging data’s power. His commitment to transforming theoretical knowledge into practical solutions is evident in his numerous published articles and his upcoming book, “Data Revolutions, the New Currency of You,” which aims to prepare readers for the rapidly changing digital and data landscapes. Clark’s personal journey, marked by ambition and a quest for fulfillment, has equipped him with unique insights into the patterns and potential of data, enabling him to envision a future that not only ensures survival but also enhances the human experience. As he stands at the forefront of technological advancement, Clark invites others to join him in shaping a future that embraces innovation and promises greater joy for humanity.

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