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Who is Lara Tabet?

Lara Tabet is a UAE-based entrepreneur and has played a major role in developing the Luxury Business in the Middle East. She is a spokeswoman for the Arab Fashion Council. She has also launched her own luxury brand, Societe, and has become the official spokeswoman for the Arab Fashion Council. She is a businesswoman who focuses on creating luxury lifestyle. She’s also an active member of the Dubai Fashion Council. She has gained a worldwide audience with her charisma and wit. A mother of two, Lara has a unique combination of diverse interests. She has built a successful business that serves as a platform for luxury brands and promotes sustainable lifestyle choices.

Lara Tabet is an ex-VP of GE and has been collaborating with Fortune 100 companies for more than two decades. Her success and dedication to her work have earned her recognition in the business community. She believes that her most powerful strength is optimism, and she enjoys every aspect of her career.

Lara Tabet’s success in business and in life is inspiring. She has overcome many challenges and triumphs along the way. Ultimately, she has become a successful businesswoman and one of the finest social media influencers for luxury lifestyle. She uses the power of technology and social media to help women reach their goals. Lara’s life has inspired her to help other women. She is an inspiration to female entrepreneurs in business and has a proven track record.

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