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Who is Kay Van-Petersen?

Kay Van-Petersen is the Co-Founder & Global Chief Consigliere at D-Central – where he heads out their global efforts across Strategy, Macro, Venture, Crypto + Special Situations.

Kay brings more than 20 years of experience across the finance sphere, having worked in Lon, HK, NY, Rio & of course SG where he is currently anchored in an ever-increasing decentralized world.

An early advocate, investor, and proponent of blockchain technology from 2014, Kay was one of the first strategists at a major bank to openly talk about the long-term opportunities, disruption, as well as risks that the new crypto asset class would bring.

Kay is an Angel, NED & Brand Ambassador to RVVUP (Building the Future of Payments), an Executive Strategic Advisor to the board of the HODL Finance Group – who’s crypto DNA stems from 2012. He is also an investor & consigliere to DayAway, Brevion, SkyHook Capital & VC fund SoGal Ventures.   

D-Central is a Next-Gen Gateway into the Future of High-End Bespoke Advisory & Consulting, that is Powered by Decentralized Rock-Star Talent across the Globe – part of our creed is being a conduit for local talent to access global opportunities and for centralized clients to quickly tap into decentralized global talent.

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