Voices of the Future

Who is John Sanei?

John SaneiĀ  is a globally recognized best-selling author, futurist, and speaker whose expertise at the intersection of psychology and technology has made him a sought-after figure among brands worldwide. His work focuses on fostering a mindset that envisions a more abundant future, and he is dedicated to instilling courage, clarity, elegance, and consciousness in audiences across the globe. With a relentless travel schedule between his bases in Cape Town and New York, Sanei works with global brands and governments to help them navigate the complexities of tomorrow.

As the first African faculty member of Singularity University in San Francisco and The Duke Corporate Education, John Sanei brings a unique perspective that combines African foresight with strategic business acumen. His insights into both local African and international markets, along with his ability to identify synergies between current trends and future human needs, have led him to collaborate with forums and multinational corporations across the continent, including South Africa, Egypt, Zambia, Namibia, and Kenya. Sanei’s role is to guide organizations through the processes of unlearning, relearning, and evolving awareness, drawing from neuroscience, psychology, business strategy, and futurism to empower leaders to build resilience and adaptability for the future.

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