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Who is Gerd Leonhard ?

Gerd Leonhard is a renowned German futurist, speaker, and author, celebrated for his insightful explorations into the complex relationship between humanity and technology. Residing in Zurich, Switzerland, Leonhard’s academic journey began with theology studies at the University of Bonn, which laid an early foundation for his deep philosophical inquiries. His move to the United States in 1982 to study at the Berklee College of Music marked the beginning of a diverse career path that included roles as a professional musician, arranger, and composer. This eclectic background, combined with his venture into an early internet business in music, provided Leonhard with unique perspectives on technological disruption, fueling his transition into a futurist and inspiring his first book, co-authored with Dave Kusek, “The Future of Music” in 2005.

Leonhard’s work, deeply influenced by classic futurists like Alvin Toffler and science fiction authors such as Arthur C. Clarke and William Gibson, extends across various industries and social environments, offering a visionary outlook on the future. His notable publication, “Technology vs. Humanity,” serves as both a manifesto for digital rights and a critical examination of the ethical implications of rapid technological advancement. As a sought-after speaker, Leonhard’s thought-provoking presentations, such as his keynote at “The Human-Centric Future” event in Milan in January 2021, have garnered acclaim for their inspirational vision and the compelling dialogue they spark on the future of human society in an increasingly tech-driven world.

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