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Who is Georgina Kyriakoudes?

Georgina Kyriakoudes has been leading Web3.0 projects in the healthcare space since 2018 being published in the Lancet and other leading journals for her research in the topic as part of her MSc in Blockchain. Prior to this, she qualified with PwC London where she specialized on auditing major healthcare organizations such as Novartis and IMS Health. Working with Tier 1 healthcare organization, her company Aria is revolutionizing how health data is securely and transparently transacted by putting the patients back in the center.

Georgina is also a mother of two and active in the female entrepreneurship scene, being the Cyprus representative for the EU Female Founders Forum and being nominated as Female Innovator of the Year by Madame Figaro.

She is originally from the UK, but loves living on the beautiful island of Cyprus

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