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Who is Dr. Saeed Al Dhaheri?

Dr. Saeed Al Dhaheri is a pioneering Emirati figure, celebrated for his significant contributions to the nation’s technological advancements and digital transformation. As the first Emirati to participate in an International space program at MIT in 1988, he set a precedent for his countrymen in the field of space and technology. Dr. Al Dhaheri’s leadership was instrumental in founding and directing the Emirates Identity Authority from 2005 to 2007, where he developed the UAE national smart ID card project, a cornerstone of the nation’s digital infrastructure. His expertise also extended to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, where he implemented a Global WAN Project to securely connect UAE missions worldwide.

Beyond his technical achievements, Dr. Al Dhaheri is a respected advisor and consultant to various government entities and luxury fashion boutiques, guiding them through digital transformation and the integration of disruptive technologies. His insights have graced the halls of prestigious institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge, and global platforms like the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. Recognized as a ‘Top Voice’ on LinkedIn, Dr. Al Dhaheri’s influence is further amplified through his public speaking engagements, where he shares his knowledge on a range of topics from smart cities to the future of luxury fashion. As a co-author of “Digital Nation” and a contributor to esteemed publications, he continues to shape the discourse on technology and innovation, while also serving as a judge for prestigious awards, reflecting his commitment to excellence and progress in the UAE and beyond

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