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Who is Michael Sinel?

For over two decades an Asst. Clinical Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine he was privileged to launch innovative courses in mindfulness meditation and yoga therapy to aspiring clinicians. Dr. Sinel widely lectured on the mind-body connection at well-known institutions including UCLA, Cornell /New York Hospital, Cedars Sinai and the Esalen Institute. As a nationally recognized expert in spinal disorders and founding partner of a national ambulatory surgery center company and Los Angeles based hospital, Dr. Sinel also authored several scientific journal articles and two well-known books on back pain including Back Pain Remedies for Dummies.

After starting several small healthcare companies and serving on multiple scientific and business advisory boards in the Healthcare sector, Dr. Sinel recently acquired Physician Therapeutics an innovative encapsulated medical foods company addressing pain, sleep, fatigue and obesity with critically needed alternative safe, natural amino acid based solutions. Nichol Bradford is a pioneer, innovator, investor and thought leader at the intersection of technology and human transformation.

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