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Who is Dr. Mariam Matar ?

Dr. Mariam Matar is an esteemed Emirati geneticist, medical researcher, and a trailblazer for women in government leadership within the United Arab Emirates. Born in 1975, Dr. Matar has achieved several firsts in her illustrious career, including becoming the first female director-general of a Dubai government agency and founding the UAE Genetic Diseases Association, where she also serves as chairperson. Her academic credentials are impressive, with a B.A. in Medicine and Surgery and a Family Medicine Residency Program degree, complemented by a Ph.D. from Yamaguchi University in Japan.

Dr. Matar’s contributions to the field of genetics, particularly her research on genetic disorders, have positioned her as a leading figure in the medical community in the UAE and beyond. Her pioneering work and dedication to public health have earned her recognition as a potential candidate for the Nobel Prize in medicine, reflecting her ambition to make significant advancements in healthcare. As an undersecretary in the UAE Ministry of Health, Dr. Matar continues to advocate for greater understanding and awareness of rare genetic diseases, striving to improve the lives of those affected by such conditions in her country.

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