Voices of the Future

Who is Dr. Abir Haddad?

Dr. Abir Haddad is a distinguished researcher, speaker, and trainer renowned for her work in legal transformation, driven by a mission to create a mindset shift through the integration of various disciplines and perspectives. As the founder of the Institute for Legal Transformation, she spearheads research into the laws and societies of the future, developing tools and methodologies to instigate necessary changes within global legal systems. Her institute addresses societal shifts prompted by exponential technologies and climate change, employing a blend of comparative law and futurism to forge resilient, future-focused legal frameworks and governance.

In addition to her innovative research, Dr. Haddad provides expert advice to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat and lectures judges at the Dubai Judicial Institute, among other organizations. She holds a summa cum laude PhD in comparative law and serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Cologne, where she teaches the Law of Arab States with a modern pedagogical approach. With roots in the Middle East and research experience across the globe, she co-founded an association that promotes diversity and innovation in the legal profession. Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Haddad is known for her enjoyment of science slams, mentoring young researchers, and her passion for the Bedouin lifestyle, including nights spent under the desert stars.

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