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Who is DK Sugiyama?

DK Sugiyama is a global business producer who takes pride in helping people build businesses and boost their value—and their profit margins. He takes a bold, audacious, and enthusiastic approach to business with an eye for the international.

Born 1979 in Tokyo. Raised in New York, Daisuke started his first business at the age of 19 and graduated from the Keio University Faculty of Policy Management. He later completed the MBA program at Keio Business School. Combines superior command of Japanese and English with advanced communication, presentation, accounting, and IT skills in numerous communications design projects, including branding and web production for companies, schools, and organizations in Japan and other countries.

He is the CEO of strategic knowledge and business collective INTER LITERACY INSTITUTE (ILI) Inc., president of high-grade Nishikigoi breeding and sales company Cyclo Inc., and president of eSports consulting company Chameleon, Co., Ltd.

He is the author of The Courage to Take Action: The First Step to a Future You Never Imagined Possible (Forest Publishing), Move Your Luck (Discover 21), and DDDD: Do, Do, Do, Do (Jiyukokuminsha). He has a motorcycle driver’s license (oversized) as well as a first-class boating license. A father of four, Sugiyama has three sons and one daughter. As a runner, he has competed in the Tokyo Marathon, Naha Marathon, Honolulu Marathon, Izu Oshima Marathon, The Color Run, and Spartan Race.

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