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Who is Beata Mońka?

Beata Mońka is a dynamic leader with a mission to connect people and businesses, thriving on tackling the most formidable market challenges with a track record of success. Her extensive Polish and international experience encompasses effective management, business transformation, change management, digitalization, and mergers and acquisitions, particularly within the competitive TMTE (Telco/Media/Technology/Entertainment), FMCG, industry & technology, services, and automotive sectors. Beata has held top executive roles, including CEO, Board Member, and Supervisory Board member, in leading companies such as Omnicom Group, Axel Springer Polska, and WPP holding, where she has managed large teams and complex projects in a multicultural environment.

Beata’s innovative spirit is evident in her creation and co-organization of Leader’s Pit-Stop, an exclusive event for C-level executives, and her collaboration with Forbes on the BrandMeCEO plebiscite and the Family Business Congress. She has founded several business organizations, including Marketing4Business and LiderSHE, and actively participates in various business forums. Passionate about sharing her expertise, Beata is a co-author and lecturer at Kozminski University, a certified European mentor with EMCC, and a sought-after trainer and speaker, dedicating her career to empowering leaders and fostering growth in the business community.

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