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Who is Alexander Alegria-Seif?

Alexander Alegria-Seif is a seasoned entrepreneur and impact investor with over two decades of experience in the metal recycling industry, currently serving as the President of FVTURA & Metaluck Global Resources DMCC. His entrepreneurial journey is marked by a commitment to fostering sustainable business practices and driving positive change through impact investing. At the helm of FVTURA, a venture builder focused on the circular economy, Alegria-Seif collaborates with purpose-driven entrepreneurs to co-create companies that not only promise superior returns but also contribute significantly to environmental sustainability and social equity.

Dedicated to addressing some of the most pressing global challenges, including climate change, social inequality, and environmental degradation, Alegria-Seif leverages his extensive expertise in new business development, international business, and strategic planning. His mission is to empower entrepreneurs and companies with the vision and resources needed to reimagine capitalism, rebuild sustainable ecosystems, and secure a healthier planet for future generations. Through his work, Alegria-Seif embodies the spirit of philanthropy and mentorship, inspiring a collective force for good and demonstrating the transformative power of impact investing in creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

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