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Who is Abdulrahman & Maitha Al Hashmi?

Emirati twins Abdulrahman and Maitha Al Hashmi, grandchildren of the esteemed poet and translator Dr. Shihab Ganem, have taken the culinary world by storm at the tender age of 13. With a natural inclination towards the kitchen, their journey began alongside their father, Dr. Waddah Al Hashmi, progressing from slicing mushrooms with plastic knives to graduating as the youngest chefs from the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA).

Their passion for cooking is not just about sustenance but an art form that brings joy and happiness, a philosophy they’ve inherited from their family’s appreciation for high-quality food and their grandmother’s exceptional culinary skills. Despite their young age, the twins have ambitious dreams within Dubai’s vibrant food scene. Abdulrahman aspires to open his own restaurant, while together, they plan to publish a cookbook featuring their signature dishes, some of which have already captivated followers on their Instagram account (@uae_twin_chefs).

Proudly holding the title of the UAE’s youngest national twin chefs with a Diploma in Cookery from the ICCA, they balance their culinary pursuits with academic studies. With a legacy of artistry in their blood, Abdulrahman and Maitha aim to make their mark in the culinary arts, aspiring to achieve fame in their own right and honor their family’s illustrious heritage.

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